Sacred. Sound. Healing.


Geoffrey Torkington



It's very interesting how some people find new purpose when they discover sound.

Geoffrey Torkington is living his life in a more meaningful and relaxed way. Currently living in Mexico, Geoffrey finds passion in relaxation and sound through a unique bronze instrument in the shape of a salad bowl. “I had six months where I was more into selling the bowls. At a certain point, I gave my first event and basically what I found there and what I found again and again, is that people enjoy the experience.” He said. “They enjoy the experience of playing them. They enjoy the experience of lying down and there's a deep relaxation and openness that comes."

The singing bowls, or Himalayan bowls, are instruments dating back hundreds and even thousands of years and are meant to be tapped or rubbed with a rubber or felted mallet. Doing this creates a humming and deeply soothing sound that is meant to cause a calmness and stillness in people. “They create a specific sound or mix of sound waves that induces or provokes a relaxation effect and physical healing and so many beautiful things can come through it." Geoffrey explained.

Continuing, he says some people find a deep connection to the singing bowls and want to come back again and again to indulge in the bowls’ relaxing properties. "It's not unusual for people to say that it was the most relaxing experience of their entire life. It's a revelation of their essential nature that there's something in them. There's an intelligence in them which is touched, awakened, and remembered in that moment."


The bowls are some of his favorite instruments but he also chooses to use a shruti box and his own voice during his events and classes. “Singing is a really important part of my work and creating sacred space and touching people through sound. I use often an instrument called the shruti box out of India and I also sometimes sing with the singing bowls at the same time."

When asked why he chose this path, he explained that the world needs relaxation now more than ever. “One of the challenges we have here in this contemporary world is finding new ways to spend our time to connect with other people and we can do that in the familiar ways over the telephone, on social media but then, to play music for each other, in silence, how beautiful." He smiled and explained that people tend to find more meaning from his classes. “It's very interesting how some people, they find new purpose when they discover the power of sound."

Geoffrey has traveled all over the world including Switzerland, Thailand and Japan and he has just one goal: to help everyone achieve a more relaxed and purposeful life. “Relaxation is not just something we do or can do. It's literally important to have a healthy and complete life. There's no healthy without relaxation simply by the way that we're built and we have forgotten that."

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