Idea. Homemade. Enjoyment.


Jenna Rademan

Idea. Homemade. Enjoyment.


If it's something that drives you & it's something you're passionate about, anybody can do it.

Jenna Rademan, a dental hygienist by day, never dreamed her life would lead her down an entrepreneurial path. That is, until she visited Mexico with her boyfriend and had a Mexican inspired popsicle called a "paleta." The explosion of flavors and fresh fruit sparked an idea she would later develop into a business of her own.

“My boyfriend and I went to Mexico in March and we had a watermelon popsicle and it was the best thing we ever had." Jenna’s eyes grew large remembering that first bite. In that moment on the beach, Jenna knew she had to bring the fresh summer treat back to the city to introduce it to more people.

“My ice pops are paleta inspired and have the chunks of fresh fruit in them and are all handcrafted and homemade.” Continuing, she explained her first and arguably most popular flavor she came up with. “The first flavor I came up with was a pineapple mojito because when we were on our trip, that's what I was drinking." She laughed but explained that she wanted to start with a flavor that was unique, tropical, and something others could relate to. After that first flavor, she developed many more including strawberry, strawberry basil, orangesicle dream, nectarine, and even a huckleberry pie inspired ice pop.


Through this endeavor, Jenna has even gotten close to her neighbors who all supply her with fresh batches of home grown mint and rhubarb from their backyard gardens. “My neighbor across the street from me is retired and prides herself on her garden. She gave me an abundance of rhubarb. It was just beautiful. I’ve never seen rhubarb like this before.” Jenna stopped and explained how truly massive these rhubarb stalks are. Upon seeing the leaves ourselves, we could only compare them to the approximate size of a small child.

“When I got done making my strawberry rhubarb popsicles, I ended up bringing her some and she loved them.” Jenna paused, “It’s just really neat that you get to take something from her that she grew in her backyard and incorporate that into a product that a lot of people can enjoy.”

"I definitely love doing this on my own and I love the interaction with the community and all of the relationships you build." In the small amount of time since opening her business, Jenna even taught herself all of the steps required to starting a small business including understanding the entire permitting process, logo design, branding, website development, and renting out a commercial kitchen to properly concoct her beautiful and icy flavors.

"I don't ever want to take anything for granted with this because I've already exceeded my expectations. I think when you worry about the negative things or you worry about failing, that is an obstacle for yourself.” Jenna stopped and appeared to reflect on her accomplishments and what she’s already done in only six months since starting her small ice pop business. “I’m just enjoying it and kind of living in the moment. If it is something that drives you and it's something you're passionate about I think that anybody can do it."

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