Adventure. Growth. Potential.


Mick Pearson

Adventure. Growth. Potential.


Mick Pearson has always considered himself an athlete and devoted his life to a physical lifestyle. In high school, he found himself attracted to wrestling but wasn’t sure if he wanted to pursue it in college. “When I went to college at the University of Oregon, I knew that I didn’t want to wrestle anymore but I didn’t know what to do.” Pausing, he reminisced back on his college days. “I ended up taking a rock climbing class and it was perfect synergy. From wrestling to rock climbing, it’s cerebral. It’s physical. It’s challenging. After that one class, I was hooked. I knew that I wanted to go rock climbing. I loved it.”

After that first class, he never looked back. He even spent a vast majority of his life traveling the world including Mexico, Canada, Thailand, Taiwan, Europe, South America, and Tanzania enjoying the different cultures and outdoor adventures. “I’ve spent 23 years building my own outdoor technical skills and gained confidence in wilderness travel.” While supporting people and working with different individuals, Mick realized his true passion: he wanted to start a company devoted to teaching others the skills that he himself had acquired.

“All I knew was that I wanted to spend time in beautiful places. That was the original vision. What I learned over time is that I still get the goosies-” He paused and laughed, then continued. “I still get the goosies when people are learning and they are inspired to push themselves beyond what they were capable of.”


He ended up naming his company Kaf Adventures which he explained means the power to actualize your potential. “I love being outside. I think we all do. For me at Kaf Adventures, building this company has been about helping support people so they can travel out there safely and confidently.” Glancing down, Mick explained, “Education is really important to me in this lifetime and I’ve kind of dedicated my entire life to it.”

“I think people look through a lens of outdoor education and guiding as this beautiful, amazing thing that allows you to live your dreams by working outside. In some capacity, they’re right, but what people don’t realize is that we sacrifice a lot.” And Mick has sacrificed a lot by not being able to adhere to a regular schedule and learning to stretch his dollar further in the slow periods. “It’s a lifestyle and for me, I get to reap the benefit of these great experiences with different people and my staff. Luckily there are people in my life that understand that this is a part of my soul.”

Special thanks to Will Miceli of Fremont Films for helping us capture Mick’s inspiring story.

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